Summer 2019

From Nami’s Diiviine Productions house parties to festivals our CEO and the illest lyricist, CPx3 did what he does oh so well…performed. He closed out Summer 2019 performing at three festivals: Millvale Festival, Deutschtown Festival and the Dreamz of Music Foundation’s Summer Jam Cookout. Along with those opportunities, he got the chance to perform downtown Pittsburgh in Market Square for Deutschtown Music Festival’s Deutschtown to Downtown event. With the Three Rivers Arts Festival happening across the street, CPx3 made sure he made enough noise for all to hear his voice. The multitalented DJ Inception was on the 1s and 2s for his set and with the expectancy of rain, nobody knew what the attendance would be but the sun continued to shine as X3 entertained the people in Market Square and brought them to their feet. 

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