February is the month of celebrating our black culture and love. So we will be dedicating this month to supporting and showcasing some of the educators, creatives, and entrepreneurs that we see consistently working to make a change in their field and/or communities.

Rock Bottom The Show

“Rock Bottom” is a new comedy series based in Brooklyn, New York. This show was created, written and performed by Jasmine D.Ellis of New York and Mariah Torres of Pittsburgh, PA and produced by Lou Robinson. These ladies are the definition of “Black Girl Magic!!” “Rock Bottom” is a half-hour comedy about two girls who well have reached rock bottom and are living in their car in a farcical NYC. A pragmatic single mother named Jade (Mariah) and a carefree journalist named Lavender (Jasmine) are thrown into a whirlwind of unfortunate circumstances.

Just Say Chef

From cookouts and happy hour to educational programs and film sets, Chef Los has range and food for all. Carlos Thomas is one of the most inspirational individuals in the city of Pittsburgh to date. His drive and dedication to feeding the hood are what attracted us to him. Chef Los is devoted to mentoring and educating the community about the knowledge and resources of food security. Through his catering business, Confluence Catering LLC, he plans to expand the work field by implementing mentoring, job training, and job readiness.

Clara Kent

Clara Kent is one of the many artists who we want to acknowledge for many reasons. Kent is the perfect role model for young afro-indigenous youth as she embraces her culture and troubles through her music and paintings. Clara has consistently put in work through curating events and participating in live performances with her team, Tribe Eternal. She has truly set the tone for R&B and soul music in the city of Pittsburgh and has an abundance of ladies (…and men) who admire her work ethic and storytelling.


FU has the power to capture the attention of individuals of all ages and races. He provides opportunities for young poets to perform and be vulnerable in a safe space among similar faces who can relate. FU is a role model for black educators and artists of all kinds. He is one of the most humble people that I have met and we are excited to see that Fred Fu and The Family will be curating some poetry events in the upcoming months. Along with being an educator and artist, FU is extremely motivational and never fails to remind his followers to “Check Their Crown”. With his apparel line, Crown Check Apparel, he reminds the black community to live in the present, love ourselves, be proactive and be the best version of ourselves every day.

Empty Space Project

The “Empty Space Project” is a media outlet that focuses on artistry and underdeveloped real estate in the city of Pittsburgh. “Empty Space Project” is founded by three individuals: Daemon Palmer, Khalil Malik, and Matt Palichat. They utilize any space no matter where or what it used to be as a performance venue for artists of all kinds. Their mission is to showcase artists creating with the minimum amount of resources in re-purposed buildings that have not yet been renovated. The goal is to play on the idea of emptiness and how creatives fill the space they’re in as well as the emptiness within. 

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