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“Two Twenty-Two”

Original Telegenic Productions

This month is all about Original Telegenic Productions, LLC. Lava Thomas will be celebrating her 5th year as the CEO of OTP. Lava is a full-time traveling videographer which should tell you how dedicated and passionate she is about capturing moments and creating with her lens. Lava is one of few women in the male-dominant field of videography and photography. Throughout 2019, she has released music videos for artists like Tribe Eternal, 2Sway, Lid Sity and of course, CPx3. We are excited to see what the “Queen of Videography” does this year in honor of her consistency and resilience. We are glad to have her as a part of #PirateGang and PGEnt, LLC and we recommend all entrepreneurs and artists connect with her. Lava provides not only music videos but commercials, interviews, promotional photoshoots and more.

Last year, Original Telegenic Productions collaborated with Be Balanced Essentials to bring us a natural soap to celebrate her four year anniversary. The “2 Twenty-Two Soap” is a sophisticated blend of ruby cassis, ripe pineapple, sweet rose blossoms, and dewy fresh air.

** This product uses vegan and cruelty-free Mica’s, Oxide, and Natural ingredients for my colorants and all fragrances, glitters, colorants are cosmetic and body safe.

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