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Our CEO, CPx3 kicked off 2020 being featured in the Artistic Platforms January Issue. CPx3 speaks on some of his influences in music, his struggles throughout his journey, some of the people he plans on collaborating with and more.

Download the PDF here or get a physical copy and catch up with CPx3.

It’s Simple…

To conclude the year, CPx3 teamed up with Reneaux to shoot a video that is well simple yet visually appealing and gets the main point across. “Simple” is CPx3 getting back into his roots with a classic boom bap, basement hip hop sound, ironically that is the only thing simple about this record. CPx3 startedContinue reading “It’s Simple…”

BREE is Back!!!

BRRRR!! If you’re cold, get ahold of this heat as the Capstress, Bree made her return to the dance world. Bree is a new mommy and has not let that slow her down AT ALL! Bree has a lot of plans when it comes to dancing for 2020 so stay tuned. Bree was featured inContinue reading “BREE is Back!!!”

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