CaliBurgh Bree

Bree, was born in San Diego, California but moved to Pittsburgh at the age of two, hence her alias CaliburghBree. From a young age, she enjoyed being active and could often be found in dance class, making dance routines with her peers, playing basketball on local teams, or cheerleading. However, no matter what floor she was on, she always stood out as a leader and an entertainer. Although Bree didn’t play softball, that didn’t stop life from throwing her curves, and as it sometimes happens, Bree stopped being active to focus on herself and her new reality. Being introduced to and collaborating with entertainers and educators throughout the city allowed Bree to see many passionate individuals dedicated to their craft. Their aura of inspiration helped Bree to rediscover her true aspirations. She dived head first into the education field working with urban youth from birth to eighth grade. Seeing their struggles with identity and self-esteem motivated Bree to become an artistic role model and fully try her hand at modeling. With a freshly printed college degree in tow from the University of Pittsburgh, Bree is currently successfully balancing work and her passion to educate through entertainment.

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